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Do you have to build a new spa? Reduce the risks of your investment, it is essential. Follow one of the megatrends and apply the principles of this to your wellness offer so as not to be one of the many wellness offers that are equal to each other. Wellness no longer makes sense if it is not interpreted in the new formula that modern society follows and requires. The new ECO megatrend is absolutely important because it reflects a superior sensitivity typical of your Spa customers, very sensitive people who have high expectations. Here the new ECO SPA CONCEPT

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Everything that surrounds us, the objects we use, the furnishings of the Spa must be Animal Cruelty free to respect the growing sensitivity of all people and even more the sensitivity of Spa goers, people who are particularly sensitive to ethical content. Designing a Spa Cruelty free means analyzing in the complex process of design and construction of the Spa keeping control of all materials used are verified and /or certified as untested on animals.

Eco Spa concept…safe for our health

Wood for furniture flooring or decoration must be produced in responsibly managed forests and must have Fsc certification (forest management certification) and Pefc,(Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) for a real sustainable resource management.

Wood composite panels are widely used in building,and furniture production. Formaldehyde which is found from formaldehyde containing adhesive has a negative impact on human health. Depending on the concentration in the environment, exposure time and shape, causes severe allergic reactions in the skin, eye and respiratory system, weakens the immune system, and causes cancer like health problems. For this reason Adhesives used in the realization of finishes and furnishings must be natural and therefore 100% free of formaldehyde

green energy spa - plastic free spa

Eco Spa will be absolutely energy-efficient and the energy required will be certified from renewable sources – a real Green Energy Spa

Plastic free….an absolutely necessary trend. To contribute with our Spa to the progressive elimination of disposable plastic that will inevitably pollute our seas and our environment. A plastic-free Spa. Plastic of Cosmetic products and all materials needed for treatments to be progressively and inexorably replaced plastic with new biological innovative materials. As a result world will be better.

Is this possible? ….Yes it is !

All this is possible with a careful control of the phases of design and construction of the Spa. Each of our homes should be certified healthy, even more so the place where the fundamental theme is well-being like the Spa is. We design Spa from more then 20 years………contact us by mailing

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