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Emotional design

Sensorial Design for client experiences

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Design must be an emotion

Wellbeing begins with the sensations that the environment in which you find yourself transmits to you. Our cognitive and emotional maps make us perceive a sense of pleasure or discomfort depending on what welcomes and surrounds us. Therefore, design and architecture are themselves part of well-being and for this reason they are part of our state of mind. We believe in the design of emotions and sensory stimulations, fundamental elements in the design of well-being to create environments and atmospheres where you can find yourself in calm, warmth and intimacy, to manage stress and be in complete harmony of the body, spirit and mind.

SPAPLAN is an international  firm providing Spa design, consulting, project planning and development services.

We drew spas, pools, villas and home spas for over thirty years in many countries around the world. We offer consultancy for the construction of new spas, renovation of existing and realisation of hotel wellness suites, customisation of new and existing homes to create private home spa.

We offer a free consultancy service to allow you to evaluate without any financial commitment the construction or renovation of a spa, Hotel Spa and home spa. Feel free to access to our free feasibility study page to receive your free start consultancy.

Our concept:
Emotional Design

We have been designing spas for thirty years. Our thoughts are aimed at spa users. Too many spas are planned thinking what the owner likes or the Architect likes.

For Spa-goers Spa must be a true experience of the soul, intimate, a place where they can enjoy their time, where they can regenerate and finally find time for themselves in the stressful rhythms of everyday life.

All this is positive but certainly not easy to interpret in a wellness concept.

Designing a spa means going into every detail to best interpret the atmosphere that customers expect to experience, a true experience of the act of love to regain physical and mental health. 

30 years of experience in the wellness, leisure, hospitality, spa, and fitness industries.

Spa Plan Consulting Offers well-being Spa Design, Emotional designs, wellness architecture design, Fitness area design & Spa Consultancy services as the best Spa Design Specialist in Firenze, Italy

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