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We are a studio that has been designing Spas for thirty years and in a small part, we contributed with our work to the well-being of many people, by conceiving and thinking of environments in which it is possible to take care of yourself, enjoy life away from the displays and technologies that invade every space of our lives every day.
We are happy and satisfied with what we plan, we are proud of our work.
Suddenly one day he arrives ... this tiny organism and leads us all into a deep crisis.
The world gets sick, the economy stops and everything becomes difficult as well as sadder.
No tragedy is completely black and, as Albert Einstein said, "the crisis is the greatest blessing because the crisis brings progress, creativity is born of anguish and inventiveness arises in the crisis. And so we have to start again. This pandemic was a great stress test that nature has subjected us to
We must react and by reacting we too find that we deal with wellness new meanings and new values ​​in what we design. This is why Spaplan offers the market a series of innovative Spa concepts that represent a value of strong innovation and renewal to the traditional concept of well-being that is out of date ..... The Senior Spa / the Combo Spa / The longevity Spa
In our opinion, the new spas for new categories of users and new customers, new spa concepts, will become part of the great wellness megatrends of 2020 and subsequent years.
So ... dear little virus ... you won't make it .. we will defeat you. Let's get to work !!!


Are you going to build or renovate a spa? you must know that Spa Design is very complex and that the logics for the success or failure of such an expensive and risky initiative are very similar.
So ... how to plan a spa? We think that "The bait must appeal to the fish, not the fisherman" This seems obvious but it does not always happen ... on the contrary ... too many spas are alike, designed to satisfy the architect or the owner.
It is not good ... the Spa must satisfy future customers (fish) very sensitive people and not the designer or entrepreneur (fishermen). Customer expectations are fundamental and essential for studying the spa project in detail ... the most important value.
After 30 years of designing spas in many countries of the world, we are proposing new concepts and technologies for wellness to reduce the risk of investing in a competitive sector such as that of wellness.
Do you need to design or renovate a spa, hotel, swimming pool or wellness center?

Contact us without obligation, we will offer you a free feasibility study to convince you of the diversity and professionalism of our offer.

Spaplan received the award

"Most Eco Conscious Spa & Wellness Designers 2020

by LUX life Magazine   www.lux-review.com/winners/spaplan

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50122 Firenze - ITALY


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