A new Spa

Old Wellness concept is dead…how can your Spa be different?

The owner of a hotel or anyone who decides to invest money in spa and wellness can no longer offer the usual old wellness formula…we propose a different Spa formula based on megatrends of contemporary society.
The competition is strong and you must be original in proposing your Spa to the market…so…we have to reinterpret wellness

SPAPLAN develops and offers new forms of original wellness to the market:


The senior community is today a still active community of people who want to enjoy wellness in a formula specifically dedicated to them in a place where to live retirement in safety, quality, wellbeing and lifestyle for sharing experiences and memories..a place where to age in holiday. This is the innovative SENIOR SPA concept.


Is there a point of contact between genetics and the wellness world? How can we know the possible health problems we may have in the course of our lives based on our genetic heritage? and can this information be offered and managed during a wellness holiday? This is the innovative concept of LONGEVITY SPA


A spa in your own home specifically designed for you and your best friends, an evolved concept of home spa, an intimate place to regenerate and share wellness at the highest level, for you and your whole family including dogs and cats
This is the innovative concept of COMBO SPA.

Kids spa

ask us a free study to apply these concepts to your new Spa or to renew your existing spa