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Home Spa

1 - What is a Home Spa?
2- The home spa functions
3- How can I get it in my home?
4- How much it will cost?

What is a Home Spa?

Our house, our most intimate place, today is organized according to "standard" parameters, a more or less characterized entrance, a living room where you can sit on a sofa and watch TV, a dining area in connection with the kitchen and finally a sleeping area with one or more bedrooms equipped with toilets.

Obviously, each house is different but generally, it is structured in two areas, the living area, and the sleeping...... there are no spaces for our well-being. But today life is more and more stressful, more and more hectic and we in our home must find spaces designed for our health, physical and mental.

Creating a home spa means designing well-being for our health, a place where to find ourselves, enjoy the most intimate moments

in the intimacy of our home to manage stress, improve our health and enjoy life.  A Spaplan Home Spa.

a home spa detail

The home spa functions


The ancient ritual of purification and cleansing of the body through steam. The tradition of the so-called "Turkish bath" is affirmed in the East, thanks also to the influence of the Roman baths. The water vapor saturates the environment bringing it to a temperature between 45 and 60 degrees with a humidity of 90% - 95%.


A very dry and warm small room made of wood. The main benefits of the sauna are relaxation and cardiovascular health as well as sweating used as a therapy to detoxify the body. Typically heated from 70 ° to 100 ° Celsius or from 158 ° to 212 Fahrenheit.


One or more showers with different and stimulating rain jets, cascade, cold, hot, flavored with essential oils and aromas to regenerate and as a thermal reaction after sauna and steam bath.


The floatation bath is a unique experience of body and soul. Due to the natural buoyancy created by the high salt concentration, you will float effortlessly in silky water that is maintained at natural skin temperature (36 °C), allowing both mind and body to let go entirely, and drift into a state of deep relaxation.  Bath floating experience is a unique treatment that can help individu­als access to levels of consciousness that are difficult to achieve on their own in everyday life.


A small area of ​​the house designed for meditation. A small area of ​​the house designed for meditation, small space wherein absolute comfort it is possible to reach a level of well-being and mastery of the activity of the mind to focus attention on oneself. A relaxation area where you can eliminate tension and enjoy a state of total well-being ... time for yourself.  In this area, you can also receive and enjoy the treatments that an external therapist on request and appointment can carry out in the home spa (massage)


Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils medicinally to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. It enhances both physical and emotional health.


Chromotherapy uses colors to improve physical and mental or emotional well-being. This practice was introduced because colors have a vibrational energy that can change our moods and even change our sensory perception of things.


Not a real music room but the management of the music and sounds of nature in all the rooms of the home spa, such as in the sauna, steam, meditation / relaxation area, where you can enjoy the music or the sounds of the forest, storm or rain to achieve a perfect psycho-physical balance.


We are all subjected to stress, we cannot avoid it but we can manage it so that it does not become a real problem. Through the home spa, we can reach the conscious management of stress and control of situations that are negative for us, dedicating time to ourselves to regenerate ourselves in the intimate space of our home.










steam / turkish bath






floating bath











stress management


Do I need all these Home spa functions?

No, it is not important to have all the functions listed above, the size of the Home spa is in relation to the space available in the home. You can create a small essential home spa in an apartment or with intermediate or complete equipment in a larger home. Every home has the potential to build a home spa. The important thing is to find an area in the house dedicated to regenerating oneself and thus improving the quality of our life.

The construction of a Home Spa in a home both in the design phase and in an existing home increases the value of the home by 10/15%.


How can I get it in my home? How much it will cost?

Each project is different from the other ... that's why we offer you a free feasibility assessment of the Home Spa in your home.

Without any expense you will be able to understand and evaluate if it is possible and at what cost to create a home spa in your home ..... simple isn't it? Our proposal is a collaborative way to evaluate without cost the possibility of making a dream come true.


Home spa in Italy


Send us the map of your home and some pictures...we will send you back a free study to let you understand how to modify your home to realize a Home Spa.

No obligation for you.

If you will decide to proceed we will agree together on how to plan your Home Spa.


Whatsapp  +39 347 6469980

home spa

We realize a special Home Spa

for you and for your best friend !


Home spa in Italy

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