SPAPLAN  primary objective is to find a strong unique Spa personality to characterize businessman initiative.    Today Spa market is almost accomplished and mature. 


Yes we may slow down age now. Spa offers around the world resemble each other, some time looks ordinary. 

It is important  to define the client targeting looking for the unsatisfied desired of spa goers and Spa potential clients.


It is our opinion that increased life expectancy and desire to live this long period with good psycophysical health will represent more and more a need to satisfy of clients.

A long term objective to pledge from youth to live a quality old age.....Longevity is the word to achieve  an innovative concept.


How do we will obtain a Longevity?

With a mix of sophisticated treatments, activities and services, with a high level of originality.


We think that future Spa clients will be more interested in understanding and learn how to get better quality of life not only for the time to stay in the Spa but more for the everyday life coming back home. The predictive medicine concept applied to Longevity protocols is focused on learning not just generic  info about good life style but a tailor made quality life improvement to activate, according to genetic susceptibily test results, aimed actions to reduce health risk.


This Genetic analysis today are perceived by the people quite only as part of specialized medicine. SPAPLAN is sure that it will be in a short time part of the Spa world. 

Obviously  Spa has not to equip for genetic analisys but we may slow down age with Spa.

Spa can receive the test results  in 48h. from genetic laboratory so...during the client stay in Spa.


This is what we think people will expect in the near future from Spas. Of course relax and pampering are still very important during the Spa stay,  They will be integrated by predictive and preventive medicine and this  enjoying  the Spa during your stay  but, when you leave the spa, “game is not over," you will bring with you the  knowledge about how to reduce health risk based on genetic test and the “blue print” book that the Spa will offer you with the the right “prescriptions” for lifestyle change.


The “uniqueness” and strong “personality” of SPAPLAN Longevity Concept will give you the possibility to realize a Spa model not so easy to copy or better not in a short time.





Predictive medicine

Diagnostic medicine

Genetic test

A unique sinergetic mix of treatments and activities inside mega trends area

A Spa to learn how to reach a SUCCESSFULL AGEING

A new Spa concept to satisfy the dissatisfied desires of clients

A strong Spa personality concept

for any  info

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